19-year-old student builds a power bank that can power home appliances

Angelo Casimiro, an Electronics and Communications Engineering student and the person behind the YouTube channel TechBuilder, created a do-it yourself power bank that is powerful enough to run appliances such as TVs, lamps, and electric fans. What’s even better is that the power bank can be charged via solar panel. Angelo has been making inventions and sharing tutorials on how to make […]


18 Year-Old Male Student Enrolls in All-Women’s College Hoping to Find Girlfriend

Usually, when high school student apply for college they would take into consideration the courses offered, subjects, reputation, location and future career prospects. However, these were all secondary for this guy, whose main objectuve of getting into college is to get a girlfriend. An 18-year-old student from Eastern China recently submitted an application to China […]

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This Student Who Was Mocked And Called Stupid, Proves Detractors Wrong By Earning Three Degrees In 5 Years

A 21-year old student named Wynona Pauline Catapang endured judgements from others who perceived her as too ambitious. People mocked her and called her stupid for staying in college for five years. Through the years, this student received comments like “Ay bobo 5 years na sa college”, “Wala ka pang napapatunayan” and “Masyadong ambisyosa”. Through […]