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These Twins Born With Different Skin Colors Are ‘1 In A Million’ – Here They Are All Grown Up

Meet Lucy and Maria Aylmer, the twins from Gloucester, England. Upon a first glance, anyone would notice that for these particular twins, the genetic variations are all too different. The unique genetic result is due to their parents’ heritage, with the mother being half Jamaican, and the father being entirely white. For Maria she has […]

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Australian Man With ‘Golden Arm’ Whose Rare Blood Saved The Lives of 2.4 Million Babies Donates for The Last Time

Back in 1951, a 14-year-old Australian boy named James Harrison awoke from a major chest surgery. Doctors removed one of his lungs and kept him hospitalized for three months. During this difficult time, Harrison learned that he was alive largely due to a vast quantity of transfused blood he had received. Then and there, he […]


21-Year Old Pinay Graduated Summa Cum Laude At University Of Pennsylvania In The US

Lara Andrea Montales was the valedictorian in elementary at Colegio San Agustin-Makati and graduated with high honors at the Philippine Science High School-Main. She represented the Philippines and won in international math contests under the tutelage of the Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines (MTG).   In 2014, Lara entered Wharton School, ranked No.1 in Forbes’ 2017 […]