This Simple Girl Turned Into A Pretty, Gorgeous Lady, A Sweet Revenge For The “Hayaan Mo Sila Jan” Issue

Photos of a pretty, gorgeous lady named Krizia Jewel V. Silverio, a student from Baliuag University, was posted by a Facebook page sharing how she evolved from a simple girl into a beautiful lady. The Facebook page posted different pictures of Krizia with captions reflecting “crab mentality” (the characteristic of the crabs to be pulling […]

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This 17-Year Old Girl Who Was B****** All Her Life For Droopy Face Cause By T**** Posted A Video To Facebook For THIS Reason

Sarah Atwell, a 17-year old girl was born with a rare disorder called neurofibromatosis, hereditary disorder which was passed down from her parents. Sarah’s disorder causes tumors happened to grow on just one side of her face.   While the t**** that was growing on her face was entirely cosmetic, no one was willing to […]