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Cop Who Saved A 5 Year-Old Girl From A Deadly Blaze Reunites With Her 19 Years Later On Her Graduation

  Josibel Aponte was a 5-year-old girl when she was trapped inside a burning building back in 1998. On June 25 of that year, Aponte’s Connecticut home went up in flames. Unfortunately her uncle d*** in the fire, and she almost d*** too—if not for hero cop, Peter Getz. Peter Getz, who just arrived at […]

Inspiring Life News

Australian Man With ‘Golden Arm’ Whose Rare Blood Saved The Lives of 2.4 Million Babies Donates for The Last Time

Back in 1951, a 14-year-old Australian boy named James Harrison awoke from a major chest surgery. Doctors removed one of his lungs and kept him hospitalized for three months. During this difficult time, Harrison learned that he was alive largely due to a vast quantity of transfused blood he had received. Then and there, he […]