Special Boodle Fight For Native Dogs Wows Netizens

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According to the urban dictionary, “Boodle fight” means “military-style of eating.  Food is piled up on top of banana leaves prepared on long tables, and people gather around it to eat fast at the start of the signal with their bare hands. It is also considered as “Philippine fine dining.”

Dogs are not just pets but they are also part of the family. And for us as dog lovers, we treat them with extra care and love, feeding them with the best food instead of giving the animals their left overs.

A foreign woman who has a big heart for dogs thought of giving a free “boodle fight” for dogs in Lambac, Laguna which was documented by the Native Dogs of Lambac Philippines organization.

The food were placed on banana leaves where the dogs gathered around and enjoyed their meal.

The feast was held at the Olivar Dog Farm where people went to witness the unique boodle fight. The people were entertained to see almost 20 dogs eating together.

In just 5 minutes, the dogs were able to finish their meal.

It was an entertaining event from start to finish for sure because the dogs seemed to enjoy every little bit of the food and licked the banana leaves clean as if nothing happened.


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