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Girlfriends Ranked Worst to Best Based on Your Zodiac Signs; We Sincerely Apologize No. 12!

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There are 12 zodiac signs, and they are all different. Every sign has its own view on moods, challenges, strengths, and relationships
Here is a rank of girlfriends according to their zodiac sign. Bear with me; this is one list that starts from the worst to the best.

Ranked 12 – SCORPIO
Out of all signs, the Scorpio woman is the scariest. They want to be in control of their relationship. Usually, they appear heartless and cold. If you want to be in a relationship with this sign be prepared to hear everything and get constant attacks.

They are very ruthless if you mess up, they are done with you. They have high standards when it comes to relationships. And their partner feels like walking on eggshells.

Ranked 11 – VIRGO
Out of all signs, for sure the Virgo is the most critical. It is actually very hard to be in a relationship with a Virgo. It’s like that since they never value themselves and they often think that they’re not good enough for their partner.

Moreover, they are perfectionists. Therefore, when they fail to do something as they imagined, you will see them b*** themselves up and dramatically fall apart. The hard part is to watch someone you love being self-destructive like that.

Moreover, it’s difficult to convince a Virgo women to see her worth. In fact, if you try, she will probably respond negatively.
It’s hard to be with a partner that doesn’t love themselves and at the same time act like they don’t’ love you.

The Aries tends to rush into things, and they are intimidating for their partner. They are the person in the relationship who has control and wants to have power. The Aries has a strong personality, and this is what is most attractive about them.

Also, they want their partner to have a strong personality, but not too much. As a matter of fact, the Aries needs someone who is the total opposite of them. That is the key to a strong and healthy relationship.

You should know that the Aries is dominant in the relationship, and if you don’t have a problem with this, then it’s okay.
Believe it or not, but the Aries are very sensitive. On the outside, they appear to have a bad temper and a tough exterior, but on the inside, they are very soft and caring.

You should know that if you decide to get into a verbal fight with Aries, you will lose. And not only that probably you will get hurt by the words of an Aries since they have an acid tongue.

Ranked 9 -TAURUS
The toughest sign for the relationship of all zodiac signs is Taurus. They don’t want to be part of a relationship. But don’t assume things, the Taurus doesn’t sting people along.

Taurus has its own life, and they are happy like that. This sign is known to be the worst heartbreaker. If you pressure them, for sure, you will only see their back since they tend to run in such situations.

When it comes to relationships, this sign doesn’t believe in second chances. They don’t want to play games; they want to make the rules.
If a Taurus is in love with you, you should feel special. Since they rarely give their heart away.

Ranked 8 – C*****
The problem with C***** is that they trust only themselves and this is why they always say that relationships are hard. They want to be able to love and conquer the fear. But it’s usually the fear breaks what could have been a strong and healthy relationship.

They have difficulty in making decisions, and they frequently second-guess themselves. They seem harsh, but they care a lot even when they pretend that they’re cold. When the C***** gets hurts, it hides from the rest of the world.

Show that you care and the C***** will open up and feel safe to give you love.

Ranked 7 – LEO
The first thing you should know about Leos is that they are hopeless romantics with unrealistic expectations. They would do anything for their loved one, but usually, they are attracted to people who don’t love them back.

That is why they are usually frustrated in relationships where they give their best, and they don’t get the same. The end up hurt due to their unrealistic expectations.

Ranked 6 – AQUARIUS
In a relationship, Aquarius is not the best, but it’s certainly not the worst. But one thing is certain; they are the weirdest sign of all zodiac signs. However, this doesn’t not necessary counts as a bad thing.

They are not usually in a relationship, since they want and need their independence. But if they commit, they offer loyalty which lasts a lifetime. Their best quality is the fact that they see other people flaws as something to admire. On the other hand, they hate their flaws.

The hardest part of dating an Aquarius is teaching them to love themselves. You will become aware of their insecurities but if you offer them nothing but the love they will learn to love themselves.

Teach them to appreciate themselves, and for sure you have a strong relationship. You should know that this sign overthinks everything. Is very common for an Aquarius to have a scenario for every situation and as a partner, you can find it frustrating.
The key is to be patient, with patience you will gain a lot. Remember, patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Ranked 5 – GEMINI
As you probably expect, the Geminis have 2 sides. Half of the time they are negative and in a bad mood, and half of the time they’re outgoing and fun.
In a relationship, they hide the side they don’t like. However, you will have to accept their other side if you love them. If you do that, a Gemini will accept you for who you are and will give you nothing less but eternal love.

On the list, the Gemini is among the top 5 regarding trust and loyalty. But if you cross them, they will leave you without a word. They rarely give second chances. This sign loves hard but hurts deeper.

Ranked 4 – LIBRA
This is the kindest sign. When it comes to relationships, they avoid fights. They tend to be happy and positive, but if they get hurt, then this is something which they feel deeply.

They always put the needs of the partner first. Therefore, they rarely ask for something they want. The Libra is a social sign which means that they will try to include you in every event. However, you should try to deal with the fact that this sign is always in the spotlight.

Usually, the Libra will break up with you because of jealousy. They don’t understand the whole idea of suspicion since their charismatic nature is natural to them.
Therefore, if you decide to date a Libra you need to make sure that you’re not the jealous type and to give them the freedom this sign needs.
As their flaw, they have an ugly temper due to which they say things which they don’t mean. Although, don’t let this scare you since it happens rarely.

Ranked 3 – CAPRICORN
They are perfectionists in everything, including in relationships. They give their fullest and try their best. However, usually, they are the dominant ones when it comes to the relationship.

But Capricorns will always have your back and defend you in any situations. Capricorns would do anything for the people they love. If a Capricorn is in love with you, you should know that you will always be a priority.

They are hard to read, and usually, they hide their feelings. Only rare people conquer the heart of a Capricorn.

Ranked 2 – PISCES
The main characteristic about Pisces is that they are shy, or look that way. Initially, they’ll push you, but you will be intrigued. Once Pisces lets you in, you will find out that usually the best people are guarded at first.

You can trust this sign and be sure that you will always have a loyal girlfriend. They will always be by your side and be your support system. They are actually pretty good at reading people. So bear in mind that the Pisces pays attention to body language.

We should get one thing clear Sagittarius are actually their own harshest critic and worst enemy. However, as a girlfriend, they are the perfect one.
They help you see your potential and will be your support in any situation. Usually, they put others first. This is good and bad at the same time. It’s like that since by putting others first they seem to neglect their needs and feelings.



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