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The Best Way To Remove A Fish Bone Stuck In Your Throat

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Choking on food happens to all of us, especially when we swallow a fishbone accidentally and it gets stuck in the throat, causing a lot of pain sometimes.

This is one of the most common fears among people who love eating fish. This can be painful and annoying, but it’s not really something to worry about too much.

You can either wait patiently and hope that the bone dislodges itself, go straight to the doctor, or do several things at home to help the bone move along.

There are several home remedies you can try safely.

1. Try a marshmallow
Grab a big jumbo-sized marshmallow and pop it in your mouth. Chew it a tiny bit, just enough to make it melty and sticky, and small enough to swallow. As soon as possible, gulp the marshmallow down, swallowing it whole.

The sticky goop of the confection should “grab” the bone from wherever it’s lodged and pull it straight down your gullet.

2. Eat nuts
Take a comfortable mouthful of nuts like peanuts, pecan, walnuts and almonds. When you chew them well, they have a coarse texture and this helps in loosening the bone. You can drink water or some other liquid to wash down the nuts before trying this again.

3. Eat bread
If you’ve ever used a piece of bread to clean up broken glass, you know it’s a pretty effective trick. The bread is soft enough to allow the glass to stick to the surface. The same thing is true of fish bones. Try eating chunks of bread- but don’t chew them too small. The bread may dislodge the bone as you swallow, according to DW.

4. Try salty water
Sip on water to which a pinch of salt is added, it will help in dislodging the fish bone and carrying it to the stomach.

5. Drink olives juice
Boil olives in water and drink the juice while it is warm. The bone softens due to this and slides down the throat. You can also try sipping warm olive oil, as it will soothe the cuts in the throat caused by the fish bone.

6. Take some sticky rice
A large ball of sticky rice gulped down without sticky rice can cause the fish bone to get stuck in it and slide down with the rice into the stomach.

7. Have some banana
Eating a large piece of banana and let it stay in your mouth for about 1-2 minutes, then swallow it without chewing, which can also take the fishbone along with it. You can drink water to help in swallowing the banana easily.

8. Drink diluted Vinegar
A method popular in China, on how to get a fishbone out of your throat, is drinking diluted Vinegar. The vinegar helps in softening the fish bone, thus dislodges the bone from the throat easily. However, the amount of acetic acid in vinegar is very less to actually soften the bone.

9. Seek medical attention
If you can’t get rid of the fishbone and it doesn’t dislodge naturally, you may want to speak to a doctor. Leaving the bone in your throat could cause an infection. If you experience a sore throat or other symptoms several days or weeks after dislodging a bone, see a medical professional.

Note: Never use a utensil or other foreign object to try and dislodge the bone.

Source: enkiverywell

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