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This Girl Has No Idea That She Is Sitting Next To Her Music Idol On Plane

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A lucky young girl identified as Alicia unexpectedly met her favorite music artist in person, Dotan Harpenau better known by his stage name Dotan. Dotan is a Dutch singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

Alicia, a music fan, sat beside Dutch musician Dotan on the plane while listening to his songs. Alicia didn’t realize who she was sitting next to until it was too late.

The flight landed, they both disembarked, and Alicia was none the wiser – until she read a note handed to her by the mystery man that prompted her to jump on her idol’s Twitter page.

Before long, she quickly realized the polite man sitting next to her was Dotan. Alicia was mortified she didn’t recognize him is an understatement, but their subsequent Twitter exchange is just too sweet.

Dotan took things to Twitter and shared about the funny encounter. He starts off by tweeting, “Ok… So I am currently on a plane (hello expensive wifi) and the girl next to me is listening to my album. Every single song.”

“So I told her I write music… still not connecting the dots. I left it there and she continued listening to my music.”

“I realize she might follow me on Twitter.. well.. hello plane neighbour. Thanks for listening to my music and singing along quietly.”

Twitter followers of the musician suggested he introduce himself properly to the fan, but he declined, preferring to have some gentle fun with her instead.

He asked Alicia who she was listening to, and when she replied “Dotan”, he pretended he’d never heard of him as she went on to explain what she loves about his music.

The singer asked his fan how she discovered his music and she said, “I heard it on my favourite TV show. It brings me comfort and peace.”

After two hours on the plane, Dotan said the weirdest thing happened: Alicia made him listen to his own music, asking, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Dotan ended up writing his fellow passenger a note and handing it to her as they disembarked.

And after checking out her idol’s Twitter page and reading the note, Alicia finally realized what had happened, and sent the singer a sincere apology for not having recognized him.

Alicia said: “I really don’t know where to start. First of all: I can’t believe how stupid I am for not recognizing you and ignoring all the subtle hints you were giving me during the flight.

“For some reason I never looked you up before, but I did buy your album after hearing it on an episode of The Originals.

“Since then it’s been on repeat non-stop. I wanted to stress out [sic] that it’s nothing personal, but I would love to tell you in person how grateful I am for your music.

“I wouldn’t recognize most of my favorite artists as I’m mostly just interested in the music. I even thought you were a band (shame on me).

“The fact that you didn’t mention it yourself is very humble, but I wish you would have told me!

“When I read your message I grabbed my mom and we couldn’t believe it.

It might sound cliché, but these moments motivate me to keep going. Back in the studio tomorrow! 💙

“We’ve been through a rough patch and your music has helped us get through it. More than you can imagine.”

The Dutch singer shared Alicia’s apology message and said it’s fans like her that inspire him to keep making music.

“It might sound clichĂ©, but these moments motivate me to keep going. Back in the studio tomorrow!” Dotan ended.

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