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The Size of Your Mouth Could Reveal Your Love Character

Many experts agree that the size of your mouth can tell a lot about your character when you are in a relationship. Moreover, your mouth discovers how you deal with your partner and the relationship itself. As this is yet to be proven true, it is up to you whether you’re going to believe it or not.

Take a look:

Wide mouth

If you have a wide mouth, you are the more dominant individual in a relationship and you are a lot like a mother. You’re the one who takes initiative and your leadership skills are excellent. What’s more, you are a positive and cheerful person. You usually fall for younger guys.

Narrow mouth

You are a very attentive person like a mother or a housewife. When you are in a romantic relationship, you tend to be passive and too cautious at times. Sometimes, you lack enthusiasm. Usually, you care too much about what people say which often causes misunderstandings.


Source: howghana

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