This Pinay OFW Works 17 Hours In A Day With No Day Off; Here’s What Happened To Her

For most Filipinos, being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is a promise of good life. You got to earn more than what you can earn abroad and you are now able to provide a better future for your family. On the other hand, not  everyone is aware of the hardwork and sacrifices you need to […]


Teenager Goes to Prom With Late Boyfriend’s Dad

Eighteen year-old Kaylee Suders was devastated when her boyfriend of 11 months and friend of 3 years Carter Brown, 19, passed away in a car mishap few weeks before prom. Kaylee was too depressed to go to her prom without the love of her life so she took her boyfriend’s father. She ended up going […]

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Nine Strange Laws That Only Exist in North Korea

North Korea Is known to be the world’s most secretive state, it has some terrible laws. ‘Terrible’ would be an understatement as it takes away the basic rights of its people and forces some bizarre totalitarian rules on them. Here are just a few of the country’s most strange laws. The country has its own […]

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These Twins Born With Different Skin Colors Are ‘1 In A Million’ – Here They Are All Grown Up

Meet Lucy and Maria Aylmer, the twins from Gloucester, England. Upon a first glance, anyone would notice that for these particular twins, the genetic variations are all too different. The unique genetic result is due to their parents’ heritage, with the mother being half Jamaican, and the father being entirely white. For Maria she has […]


Woman Refuses $300,000 ‘Break-up Fee’ from Ex-BF, Because It’s Too Small

A 23-year-old man in eastern China recovered the 2 million yuan (approximately $315,000) “break-up fee” he gave his ex-girlfriend after she abandoned the cash because it was too little. According to reports, on May 6, a woman arrived at a bar with her friend in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Both appeared to be in their 20s […]